Jan 20, 2010

~my numerology reading~

sesaje je buat ni..macam takde keje je, padahal banyak la jugak..disebabkan mengantuk+boring buat keje, so aku pun menggatalkan tangan untuk klik mende alah ni..
bace je la..kot sesapa yg besday same ngan aku leh la faham2kan..klu yang tak same tu, takyah bace pun takpe..just for fun

Your Life Path Number is: 2
The Diplomat
The number two is associated with peace and harmony. You are tactful in your dealings with people. People turn to you when there is a need to restore peace and order. You maintain balance in your thoughts and actions. You maintain very good relations with your family, friends, relatives and work colleagues. You are a large-hearted person.

Your Destiny Number is: 6
The number six is associated with companionship and joy. You love the idea of a perfect life with your family and friends. You are a very romantic person and believe in true love. You have a kind and caring heart. You are devoted to your near and dear ones. People close to you know that they can turn to you for help in times of trouble.

Your Soul Number is: 3
The number three is associated with creativity and sociability. You have a very expressive personality. You may possess talent to pursue one of the arts and become successful. You are romantic at heart. You love to mix with people and hate being alone. You like spreading smiles around with your enthusiasm and humor. You are very popular socially.

Your Birthday Number is: 4

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